Living in Spain

Benefits of living in Spain

Moving to Spain you would be among the thousands who have made the change for numerous reasons, to escape the dark, cold winter nights, an easy way of life with time to enjoy the long warm days. We have more and more expats making the move every year. I am one of those who moved to Spain and like many others, I absolutely love living on the Costa del Sol. I would highly recommend making this move and the amazing benefits you will be rewarded with.

Gentle climate

The Costa del Sol where the sun is always shining, the weather is pleasant with the temperature rarely below 10 degrees. Winter months the temperature is about 15 to 20 degrees. The Spanish climate gives you the choice to enjoy outdoor activities, which include family time, chilling on the beach, caving, hiking, hill walking, rock climbing, horse riding and let’s not forget the water sports and the fact you are only a 2 hour drive away from Sierra Nevada and the snow, where you will find snowboarding, skiing and workshops all of these opportunities are all on your door step. The saying skiing in the morning and swimming in the sea in the afternoon, really is a reality for us on the Costa del sol

Dreaming of moving

Many of us dream of acquiring a villa or apartment with sea views in Spain for many different reasons, from a holiday home, to full time living or for our retirement. But what is it really like to live here either full or part time?  First and foremost, you’ll have more money in your pocket each month. The taxes and general living costs are lower, then we have the climate that is gentler on your body and health, with the Mediterranean diet being one of the best in the world for health and well being, what with the good health care and delicious fresh food life is 100%





Mediterranean Diet

Locally grown fruits and vegetables are always readily available, there is always plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables grown in Spain. Some are sprayed just like in the rest of the world, but throughout Spain, there are also plenty of organic farms. These often sell freshly picked vegetables and fruits in local markets or small local shops which are open daily. Besides being a healthier choice, it also tastes better and is cheaper.






The Spanish language

Spanish is such a lovely language; it’s like music to the ears. A beautiful language that’s also viable in many countries. It takes a while to learn it fluently, but when you do, you will be able to express yourself in an entirely different way.

Children in Spain

Schools in Spain, when moving if you have children of school age you will need a to do research on the different schools that are available. There are very good private schools from English, Swedish and German should you choose a school in your home language. All private schools also teach Spanish which is so important. The most important question would probably be, how long you are going to be in Spain.

Mañana Mañana

The Spanish love Mañana Mañana which maybe what we all need, where is mean tomorrow morning, things do not always go particularly fast, the Spanish have a culture of life is for living and not to get stressed. I would say embrace and you will begin to enjoy life in Spain.


Mijas Village, white village in Andalusia, Costa del Sol. Southern Spain


The Right Time, The Right Place!

Now is the perfect time to invest in property throughout the Costa Del Sol.
Short term, holiday renting has never been so popular and apartments in particular offer the holiday maker a great self catering opportunity and are in high demand throughout the year.
With the wonderful weather and activities the Costa del Sol has to share, including magnificent golf courses, golden, sandy beaches, restaurants, bars, shopping centres, historical Spainsh towns and little mountain villages, with Malaga international airport offering extensive and very competitive flights throughout Europe and beyond, holiday rental owners have never had it so good and can see exceptional returns on their investment.
A high specification, 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with  Superior ratings can demand weekly rental which does depend on the apartments services wifi, pool and the complex amenities, below is an example of an apartment in Mijas Costa.
Mar €550 Apr €550 May €650 Jun €750 Jul €975 Aug €975 Sept €650 Oct €500.
Should you wish to manage your own property, the likes of, Trip Advisor and Airbnb have made it easy to market your property and are incredibly user friendly, offering owners total flexibility to rent as often or as little as they like.
There are, of course, many property management companies that can deal with all of your rentals who would charge a percent of your weekly rent and peace of mind if you are not based in Spain.
We have competitively priced apartments available for sale with proven rental history throughout 2018 with exceptional reviews and will be in high demand again in 2019.
We are here to guide you every step of the way with your purchase and management of your property.
Should you wish to view any properties, we will be delighted to arrange an appointment at your convenience.
Ring me any time 0034 622192507 Diana


Estate Agents

There are a huge number of real estate agencies and although we all might seem similar, the quality of services offered can vary greatly. We all need an agent will answer the phone when you call, reply to emails, email you the information you have asked for and arrange all viewings on your behalf. I would also say choose an agent who listens to you and understands your specific criteria and knows the area. Your agent will be able to guide you to professional lawyers, banks or if your new property needs a full renovation project then this will all come under the agents network. This is why it is important to choose an agent who cares and you can speak to.
We often find that buyers are not really sure exactly of the location of your new home. We can offer balanced and impartial advice about a variety of locations across the entire region of the Costa del Sol, along with our intimate local knowledge to pinpoint the most likely options to meet each individual’s requirements. We really listen to our clients, so we often suggest locations many miles from where they originally thought they wanted to be. Sometimes they have never even heard of the place in which they eventually buy.
When a client contacts us directly, we ideally like to arrange a meeting at which we take a very detailed brief from our clients. However where we deal with clients from around the world, we understand that sometimes a face to face meet is not always possible, however there is always an option for a conference call. Where we will be able to gain more information on your requirements, the purpose of the purchase; relocation, investment, business opportunity, rental income, holiday property? What is the budget? We help people stay focused and realistic. Once we have defined all potential locations we get to work doing a detailed search by assessing what is currently available. We will then email all available properties to our client so you can short-list what you would like to view. Then with your arrival dates we will schedule the viewing on your behalf, keeping you informed of all details throughout the process. We are member of a professional dater base along the Costa del Sol and can offer our clients over 40,000 different properties from developments to resale. We look forward to hearing from you.


Property Stylist

The property market whether it is experiencing a boom or being a little slow, if as an owner the time is right for you to sell your property, being aware of other comparable properties close by your property consider the market price and presentation as both are going to be a factor with any potential buyer. The sentiment is truer today than a few years ago the property market is very competitive and it takes something special to make a home stand out from the crowd. That is were property staging comes into being invaluable. Making your home not only beautiful but functional and appealing to buyers. With television shows giving us all the benefits of styling and interior design idea which are becoming more widely know and understood, all potential property buyers have been awakened to the value of a well-styled home. A property stylist will stage your interior to illustrate how space can be used, making the most of every room and outside space welcoming, giving potential buyers a visual representation of what can be achieved in the space available. All of these factors contribute to getting your home sold quicker.

As homeowners having lived in your property for some time a fresh look and a few simple ideas can make your home appear more high end, what buyer are mostly looking for modern or minimalist tendencies to suit a range of buyers who are able to visualize themselves in there new home? Getting your house ready with all the work and any renovations being done before marketing is important to achieve the best possible price, at this point, the home staging would come into play Presentation is the key and the buyer being able to imagine themselves living there. Market research has said that within the first few minutes a buyer knows if they are interested in the property or not, in others words within 5 minutes a potential buyer must fall in love with the property or they won’t buy it. For this reason and after your aesthetic adjustments it must include being spotlessly clean, clutter-free, smell good, not be dark, open blinds and a pleasant temperature. If you’re not attentive to detail then its very unlikely to be love at first sight. Let not forget the selling price is set by the market

The sale price should be competitive, there are several influences when determining the price, as well as the market there are characteristic of the property, apartment, townhouse or villa the size number of bedrooms and the location does the property require work or is it a turn the key. It really is fruitless to go for a higher price than the present day market suggested.


Your Spanish Home

There are beautiful places to live in the world and Mijas for me personally is one of the top places to live.  It is not hard to understand why if you have ever visited the Costa del sol, from the stunning sandy beaches to a Spanish white village nestled in the mountain that is full of charm.  Having an expat community of all  nationalities living there both full time and part time, with the warmer all year round climates, this offers people a  very good work life balance the provide the most laid back lifestyle.

We often get asked by foreigners about the buying process in Spain and for us the most simple answer is that buying a property in Spain is relatively uncomplicated, as the country actively encourages investment from outside the country into the property market.  You will need a Spanish NIE, which is a Spanish identification number that provides you with a personal, unique and exclusive number to you only. The NIE may be applied for in person or through an authorized representative to delegations and sub-delegation of government. It is also possible to process this documentation from abroad.

However, with our British clients there is also the uncertainty regarding the final Brexit agreement, this is causing some British clients to delay their property purchase until it becomes clear exactly what deal will be made. Although it’s unlikely that the current situations around mortgage lending or property rights are unlikely to change, there are question marks about future healthcare provision and pensions. When you find your dream home or investment, you will undoubtedly have to transfers money from your country to Spain and if it’s not euro to euro account then shop around.  By using a company that specialise in international money transfers will save you a significant amount of money. Making the move to Spain does not have to be a complex process. By finding an agent who cares and follows the correct process, you will be enjoying the sunny climate without losing any sleep.





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We are confident that we will find you the perfect home.

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