Estate Agents

There are a huge number of real estate agencies and although we all might seem similar, the quality of services offered can vary greatly. We all need an agent will answer the phone when you call, reply to emails, email you the information you have asked for and arrange all viewings on your behalf. I would also say choose an agent who listens to you and understands your specific criteria and knows the area. Your agent will be able to guide you to professional lawyers, banks or if your new property needs a full renovation project then this will all come under the agents network. This is why it is important to choose an agent who cares and you can speak to.
We often find that buyers are not really sure exactly of the location of your new home. We can offer balanced and impartial advice about a variety of locations across the entire region of the Costa del Sol, along with our intimate local knowledge to pinpoint the most likely options to meet each individual’s requirements. We really listen to our clients, so we often suggest locations many miles from where they originally thought they wanted to be. Sometimes they have never even heard of the place in which they eventually buy.
When a client contacts us directly, we ideally like to arrange a meeting at which we take a very detailed brief from our clients. However where we deal with clients from around the world, we understand that sometimes a face to face meet is not always possible, however there is always an option for a conference call. Where we will be able to gain more information on your requirements, the purpose of the purchase; relocation, investment, business opportunity, rental income, holiday property? What is the budget? We help people stay focused and realistic. Once we have defined all potential locations we get to work doing a detailed search by assessing what is currently available. We will then email all available properties to our client so you can short-list what you would like to view. Then with your arrival dates we will schedule the viewing on your behalf, keeping you informed of all details throughout the process. We are member of a professional dater base along the Costa del Sol and can offer our clients over 40,000 different properties from developments to resale. We look forward to hearing from you.


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