Property Stylist

The property market whether it is experiencing a boom or being a little slow, if as an owner the time is right for you to sell your property, being aware of other comparable properties close by your property consider the market price and presentation as both are going to be a factor with any potential buyer. The sentiment is truer today than a few years ago the property market is very competitive and it takes something special to make a home stand out from the crowd. That is were property staging comes into being invaluable. Making your home not only beautiful but functional and appealing to buyers. With television shows giving us all the benefits of styling and interior design idea which are becoming more widely know and understood, all potential property buyers have been awakened to the value of a well-styled home. A property stylist will stage your interior to illustrate how space can be used, making the most of every room and outside space welcoming, giving potential buyers a visual representation of what can be achieved in the space available. All of these factors contribute to getting your home sold quicker.

As homeowners having lived in your property for some time a fresh look and a few simple ideas can make your home appear more high end, what buyer are mostly looking for modern or minimalist tendencies to suit a range of buyers who are able to visualize themselves in there new home? Getting your house ready with all the work and any renovations being done before marketing is important to achieve the best possible price, at this point, the home staging would come into play Presentation is the key and the buyer being able to imagine themselves living there. Market research has said that within the first few minutes a buyer knows if they are interested in the property or not, in others words within 5 minutes a potential buyer must fall in love with the property or they won’t buy it. For this reason and after your aesthetic adjustments it must include being spotlessly clean, clutter-free, smell good, not be dark, open blinds and a pleasant temperature. If you’re not attentive to detail then its very unlikely to be love at first sight. Let not forget the selling price is set by the market

The sale price should be competitive, there are several influences when determining the price, as well as the market there are characteristic of the property, apartment, townhouse or villa the size number of bedrooms and the location does the property require work or is it a turn the key. It really is fruitless to go for a higher price than the present day market suggested.


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