Social Media when buying or selling

How Social Media is being used more and more in the world of Real Estate, we never know when a potential client who  are selling or buying may be scrolling through your feed.
Everyone regardless of age is doing more than Googling a few keywords to find what they are looking for. We are all including related hashtags and social media feeds in your searches, with me, only the saying a few words on a very detailed subject and this really is the tip of the iceberg.
The second-largest search engine in the world is yes you have guessed it YouTube, which is being used from  property searches to how to stage your home and needing a lawyers to name just a few. Many of us would use a video to learn more about a specific subject, with myself being there on the list which I hate to admit.

In our technology-driven age, it’s crucial for home sellers, buyers and agents to remain active on social media in order to nurture interest in newly listed properties. With the shop window now being a company webpage reaching all over the world with one click.




We all know Facebook and having the ability to target post and ads to your core clients. Even when facebook possible doesn’t deliver result directly to you, remember it has top of the line analytics that helps you understand giving you invalid information in moving forward.

YouTube using video content has one of the best returns on investment, from a local guide to restaurant researching an area it’s your online visual library. Boosting your online brand and reputation in addition to making from an estate point a listing easier for buyers to discover the area for their chosen new home.
Instagram what set Instagram apart the ability to receive instant feedback on photography’s giving you the knowledge right away whether or not that the property is resonating with your audience? Instagram is considered the fastest growing social media platform, make sure to max out the hashtags you can have up to 30 to tap in a conversation by including question in your photos. Truly is a great way of staying relevant in your field.
Snapchat is not to be left out with over 180 million daily users and growing will have a big impact.

Lets not forget WhatsApp a free mobile app like other chat programs you can directly contact your list of clients or use Broadcast sending out a new listing updating other agent or clients. Broadcast lists are limited to 256 contacts.

By crafting social media post about listing or selling always remember would you want to read it, being enthusiastic in your subject is contagious, smiling is a nice warm hug and by applying the same rule to a bigger audience all be it reading we never know who may be scrolling through a feed.


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